Paper Deadline: 

February 1, 2018



We have had the opportunity to promote and support scholarly writing  through our student writing competition since 2007.

2007-2008 Ms. Linh K. Dai (Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law)

2008-2009 Ms. Jennifer Swayne (New York University School of Law)

2009-2010 Ms. Theresa H. Neyland (Mississippi College of Law)

2010-2011 Mr. Devin Collier (Florida A&M University College of Law)

2011-2012 Ms. Sara Gronningsater (St. John’s University School of Law)

2012-2013 Ms. Carol M. Celestine (University of Illinois College of Law)

2013-2014 Ms. La'Toyia Slay (Mississippi College School of Law)

2015-2016 Ms. Bethany Bridges (Mississippi College School of Law)

2017-2018 Gregory Brown Jr. (Saint John's University School of Law)

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